New Char Aznable Glasses Pop With Zeon Flare

New Char Aznable Sunglasses Pop With Zeon Flare

You often run into one of two problems with anime-inspired wearables; They can either be way too loud or way too subtle. Sure, the all-over print Rei Ayanami shirt might be good for that once in a lifetime Hatsune Miku live show, but when you’re 29 you just can’t be wearing it to Applebees any more. Conversely, an embroidered four-star dragon ball on a shirt pocket might be just too muted for some people to invest in. Sometimes though a product comes that get’s the balance right, and we think these new Char Aznable themed glasses from OWNDAYS hits that fine line between visually inspired and too much.

Just take a look and these Zeon red hunks on these glasses! Inspired by the red comet, these frames come packing with exaggerated crimson temples that clearly take from Char’s signature Zaku. These striking metallic jettisons give these glasses a sharp and intense look that could frankly, make people stop in their tracks. The genius of these though, being glasses their over-the-topness is self-contained to a small part of your body. At a glance, no one will question anything but if they take a second they’ll know you make having a closet filled with dozens of unbuilt Gunpla a good look. If you want to take it a step further, the frames also have an optional snap frame that turns them into sunglasses. Not too bad at a 9,800 yen asking price either.

Char Sunglasses
If Char Aznable themed glasses just aren’t enough for you, consider matching them with this official loungewear set to really show your allegiance to Zeon.  On a more serious note, for Mobile Suit Gundam and specifically Char to endure as they have for more than 40 years now is a strong testament to the franchise and the character. These glasses clearly aren’t being marketed as some nostalgia item either; they have a real fashionable edge to them. Could you imagine the American equivalent of The Flintstones glasses getting not only made but actually looking kinda good? Us neither.

The Char Aznable OWNDAYS glasses are set to release this June for 9,800 yen.

Sunrise / OWNDAYS
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