Get Comfy With This Char Aznable Casual Line

If it’s not one Gundam thing it’s another. For the original Mobile Suit Gundam’s 40th anniversary there’s been all sorts of merchandise, collaborations, and clothing coming out recently. This latest bit of official Gundam goods comes courtesy of Premium Bandai and their online shop. In late April, the site started taking pre-orders for a range of goods based on the legendary pilot Char Aznable. He’s always been the face of a franchise known more for its robots than its characters. Now you can represent Char Aznable all over you body with this tasteful new collection that spans clothing and accessories.

Char Aznable Clothing

This new line of Aznable themed lounge-wear is mostly subtle. Instead of using any illustrations of the red comet, the designers have created a logo that’s very reminiscent of the clothing he wears. Underneath the logo on each of these items, there’s text that simply reads ‘Char Aznable: The Read Comet’ in English. There’s a hoodie, t-shirts, work out pants, slippers, even a bath mat. The pieces range in price from $45 to $90 dollars but if you order from Premium Bandai’s English site there’s a hefty $33 shipping fee. How badly do you want to rep Char Aznable in your day to day life?

Char Aznable Bathmat and Pillow

A lot of us at Otaquest are big Mobile Suit Gundam fans and if Amuro’s the heart of franchise Char is the voice. I particularly like the Quattro Bajeena era of Char that was unique to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Between the 40th anniversary of the original show and the recent Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin, Char has been front and center in anime world once again. I’d say its safe to bet that this apparel line won’t be the last Char Aznable themed merch we end up covering this year. That man has been printing money for 40 years now!

You can pre-ordered these Char Aznable good at Bandai.

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