Charadepa Announces Kyojirou Figure From Demon Slayer

Kyojiro Figure

Charadepa announced that they will be releasing an ARTFX J Kyojirou figure, and I have to be honest, it looks amazing.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is still all the rage worldwide. It is setting record box office openings in the United States for foreign-language films and remains a powerhouse of a series.

Kyojiro Figure

The 1/8th scale figure stands at 225 mm (approx. 8.8 in) tall and has Kyojirou donning his red-colored Nichirin Katana blade while summoning his Fire Breathing technique. The most impressive part of the figure is his cape that realistically portrays the wind escaping the energy that he is slashing his sword with. The way that the cape is waving in the wind gives the figure a very real feel to it.

Kyojiro Figure

The figure is available for purchase through Charadepa’s online store and is available to pre-order now through 5 July 2021. The figure will be running for ¥13,728 (Approx. $130 USD) and will be shipping to customers starting in November. Seeing that Charadepo does not ship internationally, you’ll need to have a friend or a proxy place the order and ship the figure to you.

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