Square Enix and Charadepa Announce Adorable Slime Themed Teapot

Dragon Quest Slime

If there is one thing that I wish I had more of in my life and my personal collection is more Dragon Quest themed items. Last December I picked up the Slime-themed glasses that Japanese eyewear company Zoff put out, and now Charadepa is partnering with Square Enix to bring a Slime-themed teapot to market. It looks like there there will be just a few more Dragon Quest items coming to my household.

Slime Teapot

Today, Charadepa announced that they will accept pre-orders on the Dragon Quest Slime Teapot from 29 January 2021 until 14 February 2021. The actual teapot itself is modeled after the blue slime that became popular from being in all the legendary Dragon Quest titles across the years. This teapot has the design of the Slime down pat and even comes with a wireframe strainer for you to be able to make your own loose-leaf teas in as well. If you’re a fan of Dragon Quest and a fan of tea, this is a must-have item for your pantry or collection. Even if you have no plans on using it, it is a very nice talking piece.

Dragon Quest Slime Teapot Bottom

The Slime Teapot withstands temperatures of up to one hundred degrees celsius and will hold 400ml of tea. If you’re one of the lucky people who can get your hands on this item, it will set you back ¥2,500, a very fair price for a character-themed product. If you’re looking to order the Slime Teapot you’re going to have to have a friend place the order for you through the Charadepa online store and then ship it to you, or you’ll have to find a proxy that can place the order on your behalf.

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