chelmico’s Essential ‘Easy Breezy’ Among Many Anime Soundtrack Essentials to Get Eurobeat Flip

chelmico's Essential 'Easy Breezy' Among Many Anime Soundtrack Essentials to Get Eurobeat Flip

If there are any two things that the team behind OTAQUEST can’t get enough of, it’s a good anime soundtrack and Eurobeat. That’s it; that’s really our entire personality. But while neither of these two things are exactly new, there’s always exciting ground to be broken on both fronts — and even more so when you take the two and slap them together. As it turns out, I’ve been getting my fix when it comes to this combination in the most satisfying of ways lately, and that’s all thanks to YouTube user Turbo and their steady flow of edits and uploads.

Always on the beat, Turbo’s edits cover a wide variety of anime soundtracks and Japanese bangers. Take for example the above embedded Eurobeat remix of chelmico’s breakthrough Easy Breezy, the opening theme for this season’s Keep Your Hands Off Eizoken. While the single is an absolute essential on its own, throw in a few rave flares and a pinch of urgency and Turbo’s edit is sure to keep you moving. Given the nature of the genre, it came as no surprise to see the edit made available so fast; adding to a rapidly-growing selection of bangers sure to make the Italian godfathers of the Eurobeat genre proud.

If you’re a fan of the genre, you’ve surely at this point come across one of Turbo’s most popular edits — the ever-relevant Cruel Angel’s Thesis” Eurobeat edit that made its way online some several months ago, as well as their slew of takes on the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure soundtrack. With that being said, though it’s outside the realm of anime soundtracks, one of my personal favorites comes in the form of a hyper-speed edit of Teriyaki Boys’ legendary “Tokyo Drift” as seen below:

Definitely not an account to be slept on, not that you really can sleep to Eurobeat, those interested in checking out even more break-kneck edits can find Turbo’s official YouTube channel here.

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