Chelmico Release Latest ‘Player’ Music Video

Fresh off the heels of the release of Chelmico’s major debut album “POWER” just earlier this month, the powerhouse Japanese rap duo are back with an all-new music video for the album’s second track, “Player“. Utilizing a clear-cut video game aesthetic, we see both Rachel and Mamiko warped between generations of gaming consoles, layered beneath their sleek flow and dynamic vocal abilities. Uploaded to the duo’s official YouTube channel earlier this week, the music video for “Player” can be streamed below:

Originally released alongside the drop of “POWER” on August 8, the group’s latest music video for “Player” is a playful entry into the group’s growing catalog of music. It’s got a more mainstream sound to it than previous releases from the duo, but that’s not to be taken wrong — it’s still an absolute banger. While “POWER” is only Chelmico’s start of their foray into the major music scene, I truly can’t wait to see the influence they’re able to bring forward and wish them the utmost success.

Further information on Chelmico and their latest album “POWER” can be found via the duo’s official website.

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