Chelmico Celebrates the Season With ‘Summer day’

Chelmico Celebrates The Season With 'Summer Day'

At the time of writing, we’re officially halfway through summer. In lots of places throughout the world, record high temperatures have been seen and with the onslaught of climate change, it’s only going to get harder and harder to beat the heat. Particularly, if you’re in or around Tokyo during this time, we’re guessing you’re absolutely miserable. Going outside in the middle of August in Japan anywhere outside of Hokkaido is the equivalent of walking into a furnace. Thankfully, we do know one good way to cool off, or at least distract yourself for three minutes and fifty-five seconds; Chelmico’s brand new single ‘Summer day’, which adds a seasonal twist to their relaxing and upbeat hip-hop sound.

Following up on ‘Balloon’ which came out three weeks ago‘Summer day’ is the newest single leading up to Chelmico’s second full-length album ‘Fishing’. As the name of the track suggests, the song and its corresponding video are about enjoying the summertime. I like that, so far, chelmico have mostly stayed away from the trappings of a lot of EDM-inspired production and, while they do make pop-rap, rely on beats that actually sound like they were made to be rapped over.

My favorite detail of ‘Summer day’ is the manipulated vocals that underlie huge portions of the song. They add a smidge of audible umami sandwiched underneath Chelmico’s bars and the piano keys that are more on the forefront. I also like that increasingly higher synth rise that’s sampled throughout the song. It all comes together and does a good job of capturing the best parts of the summer days; relaxed evenings with friends, a chance to step away from your anxieties, and savoring the moment. If Chelmico’s newest full length follows the suit we’ve seen in ‘Balloon’ and here, I think it’ll be a nice musical addition to the year.

Chelmico’s ‘Fishing’ is set to release on August 21, 2019.

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