chelmico Take Us To Space And Back On ‘Balloon’

Chelmico Take Us To Space And Back On 'Balloon'

On a day that started with a huge tragedy, it’s nice to have something relaxing to help take the edge off. Hip Hop Duo chelmico has been a favorite with OTAQUEST staff for a while. Whether they’re singing about the bitter but addicting Sokenbicha Tea or making songs about Bananas, we’re always happy to have a new helping of chelmico goodness. They definitely go for a feel-good pop-rap sound most of the time, but there’s always a place for those chilled out vibes. Japanese Hip Hop keeps chugging along, ever-evolving and changing and chelmico’s newest track ‘Balloon’ is a welcome addition to its legacy.

While this isn’t only astronaut themed music video to come out of Japan this year, it’s the only one to be shot at a cabaret club with rabbits. If that’s not enough to get you to check this PV out, consider this; chelmico duo Rachel and Mamiko have the right combination of sophistication and fun in their approach to rap music that you’re sure to the laid back stylings of ‘Balloon’. There’s a hint of jazz with a peppering of light but rich keys that really help the production hit right where it wants to.

chelmico have come along way since forming during the tail end of 2014. They’ve gone on to work with everyone from TREKKIE TRAX on an early EP to Yasutaka Nakata on his debut solo album. Not to make light of their own accomplishments as they’ve only grown to become more popular and successful with each major release over the past couple years. Compared to a Charisma.Com, chelmico has a more traditional sound but that doesn’t mean tracks like ‘Balloon’ can’t resonate with audiences. Smooth on the ears, and a delight for the sense.

chelmico’s highly anticipated second album ‘Fishing’ comes out August 21.

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