Chise Asukagawa Figure From SSSS.DYNAZENON Announced by POP UP PARADE

Chise Asukagawa Figure

The awesome figures keep rolling in: Today, Good Smile Company and POP UP PARADE announced a figure of Chise Asukagawa from the new TRIGGER series SSSS.DYNAZENON.

Chise Asukagawa Figure

The figure, much similar to the previous SSSS.DYNAZENON release of Gauma (also from POP UP PARADE), has an exquisite level of detail that is normally not found in this price range.

Chise stands in a very cute pose, with one leg slightly bent up, and has her hands over her head. From the vibrant colors on her clothing to the small color details in her eyes, POP UP PARADE definitely nailed the design on this one.

Chise Asukagawa Figure Chise Asukagawa Figure

The figure is currently on pre-order through Good Smile until 2 June 2021. All POP UP PARADE figures cost ¥3,900, an absolutely amazing price for a figure of this level of detail.

Looking to add an SSSS.DYNAZENON figure to your collection? You don’t have to worry about international shipping, as Good Smile ships worldwide. Get this Chise figure on your shelf!

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