Chloma Showcases Post-Modern Tokyo In Latest 17-18 A/W Collection

Chloma AW 17-18

If you’re not familiar with Tokyo-based fashion brand Chloma in the current year of 2017, there’s something that seriously needs to change. I won’t fault you if, like me, you’re only capable of admiring them from the distance, but none the less they’re every-bit worth drooling over as you would imagine. Plucking inspiration straight from the year 3000, Chloma has been on my must-watch list for the last year. So today when I got the unique opportunity to attend their limited-time 17-18 A/W collection exhibit in Harajuku, I wasn’t going to turn it down.

It’s very immediate upon arriving at the exhibit’s location that you’re entering a Chloma operated event. There’s a distinct combination of location and accessibility that screams the brands signature style. After walking down the initial flight of stairs, you’re greeted by a subtly lit room containing several garments of various colorways. The pieces are, in many ways, legitimate works of art lining the walls. Inside the exhibit are Chloma’s three-person team, who attend to ensure that everyone is able to comfortably try out the upcoming range of clothing. The pieces are, well, nothing short of amazing. They’re a legitimate treasure to try on, and if it wasn’t for the price point, I’d be all over them. Don’t get me wrong when I say that — you’re very much getting what you’re paying for. The quality and build are unrivaled by absolutely anything else I have ever worn, even to the point where I had to force myself to remove it at risk of investing my entire bank account.

The entire collection is, from start to finish, a beautiful glimpse into the future of fashion — with a splash of modern internet subculture thrown in for good measure. The mood of the collection is set through the official website, where it states that inspiration is pulled from a future where the boundaries between humans and machines no longer exists. There’s set to be a special website launched for the collection following the closing of the exhibition, which happens to be today.This is coming from the same designers that presented their entire 16-17 A/W collection in virtual reality, of course. More recently they’ve moved onto AR (augmented reality) technologies, and have been exploring possibilities in that field too. You can check out an example of that below:

With the power moves that Chroma are making leading into the latter half of the year, you’ll be sure to see them popping up more and more. Whether it be digitally or physically, the brand’s vision represents a beautiful future for the Japanese fashion industry, and I can’t wait to see what they think of next. If you’re interested in checking out more from Chloma, you can do so via their official website, here.

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