Chloma to Launch Online Store for International Customers

Chloma to Launch Online Store for International Customers

We love Chloma around these parts and, according to how many people I’ve noticed in private conversation have been buzzing about them lately, it seems you do too. They’re high concept and generally not the cheapest of brands but from the unique way they turn their graphic influences into fabric reality to all of their more ambitious projects, we can’t take our eyes of them. Putting sleek spins on neo-y2k and cyber designs have earned them quite the cult audience; Enough so that the brand has finally seen fit to launch on online store that’ll take in international orders. Live in Arkansas? The Ukraine? South Africa? No worries world-wide friends, Chloma is coming to you.

Chloma first tweeted out that they were working on a new digital storefront September 6 and only followed up yesterday, saying that the store should be set to launch this weekend. At their price-point, the brand might not be too worried about getting a huge influx of orders the minute they open but who knows? Now that these international gateways are open, word will begin to spread as virtually any Chloma piece worn in public is sure to draw eyes from onlookers.  We mean that in a good way of course, but there’s no denying they don’t make subtle clothing.

As the cult brand continues to expand, fan-base growth is almost certain. It might not catch on with the younger of the hype-beast audiences, but I think it’ll be a big hit with many from the fashion conscious to the tech savvy and beyond.  Basically; If you watched Serial Experiments Lain at a pivotal time in your life, Chloma clothing is for you. I don’t know a better way to put it. We wish them all their success with their first international store.

Chloma’s set to launch a new international online shop this weekend.

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