Chloma Announce End of Heisei Era Collection [ VIRTUAL UNIVERSE ]

While Chloma’s signature style has always been decades ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to both fabrics and designs, sometimes the Japan-born fashion brand has to step back and look at the events taking place right now. With their latest collection, [ VIRTUAL UNIVERSE ], they’re doing exactly that; the final release scheduled from them before the end of the Heisei Era here in Japan. Created in collaboration with designer urauny, Chloma has announced their limited-time showroom exhibit preceding the collection’s release.

Taking place in the backend of Shibuya’s Jingumae area from June 12 until June 17, this will be our first look at what the brand has planned for the upcoming season. Previous iterations of the brand’s clothing lines have seen the use of AR technology through head-mounted displays such as Microsoft’s Holo-Lens, inviting customers to use the future-tech to digitally try on all their clothing regardless of location. Recent times have also seen an increased appearance outside of niche communities, with artists such as Virtual Self most recently seen wearing various pieces during live performances.

Taking place at the underground (literally, not figuratively) BLOCKHOUSE B1F store located in-between both Shibuya and Harajuku, you’ll be able to check out the latest collection between June 12 – June 17. Further details can be found below:

2018/6/12  13:00-20:00
2018/6/13  12:00-20:00
2018/6/14  12:00-20:00
2018/6/15  12:00-20:00
2018/6/16  12:00-20:00
2018/6/17  12:00-18:00

東京都渋谷区神宮前 6-12-9 地下1階

Those interested in making their way to the showroom should visit Chloma’s official website for further information. Additionally, the individual pieces being made available in the collection will become available for online viewing from June 12 at 13:00.

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