Chloma Releases End of Heisei Era Collection [ VIRTUAL UNIVERSE ]

It’s the dawn of Y2K, an uncertain future stands ahead of you — do you proceed? We’ve reached the moon, utilizing some of the world’s most advanced technologies to achieve this moment of bliss. Two moments that would define the human relationship with technology forevermore, two moments that Japanese fashion brand Chloma aims to capture in their latest collection [ VIRTUAL UNIVERSE ]. Ushering the end of the Heisei Era, Chloma perfectly redefines their signature look once more.

When discussing the topic of Chloma, it’s not exactly the easiest to put into words. It’s an entire experience, from the showroom to the individual pieces, Chloma combines new and exciting color palettes with beautifully crafted fabrics to create something unlike anything else on the market. That’s been the way the fashion brand has operated since the very beginning, and [ VIRTUAL UNIVERSE ] does a perfect job of building upon that.

Lining the walls of the showroom is the ultra-reflective 3M material that aims to give off an extremely spaceship-esque feeling, while the clothing attempts and succeeds at embodying various aspects of Y2K. Coupled with a few choice pieces that feel straight off the moon, and you’ve got the [ VIRTUAL UNIVERSE ] collection down pact.

Taking place in Jingumae’s backstreets at the usual BLOCK HOUSE location, Chloma’s End of Heisei Era [ VIRTUAL UNIVERSE ] showroom will be taking place from June 12 – 17. Further information can be found via the official website. Additionally, the collection can be viewed in full via the following special website.

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