CHUNITHM to Receive All-New “CHUNITHM AMAZON PLUS” Update on April 11

CHUNITHM to Receive

It’s been a minute since I last found myself flailing my arms to the stylings of CHUNITHM, but maybe that’s about to change. Announced earlier today via the game’s official Twitter account, the motion-based rhythm game is set to receive a new version this month. Officially set to release on April 11, “CHUNITHM AMAZON PLUS” looks to expand upon the current “CHUNITHM AMAZON”, though most specifics are yet to be discussed.

While there isn’t often a trip to the arcade where my housemates aren’t playing CHUNITHM, I really can’t help but have more fun simply watching them flail their arms about to master difficulty tracks. For those unfamiliar with SEGA’s rhythm game title, CHUNITHM incorporates a touch slider at the base of the screen, as well as two motion sensors on the wall of the cabinet, to create a multi-dimensional rhythm gaming experience. As it stands there still isn’t any game that handles quite like CHUNITHM, but for fans of rhythm games, in general, it’s quite an accessible title in its early levels.

I mentioned earlier that most of the updates specifics are yet to be revealed, but one thing we do know is that CHUNITHM AMAZON PLUS will incorporate a number of in-game adjustments to give the players more freedom during their sessions. For example, players will now be able to edit the note judgment timing if they’re consistently off by a fraction, as well as implementing a “wall” which will allow players to reduce how far back they can see the incoming notes from. While this might seem standard to most rhythm gamers, I’m sure fans of the series are looking forward to embracing these features with open arms.

Officially set to launch in all arcades across Japan on April 11, 2019, those interested in checking out further details on the upcoming CHUNITHM AMAZON PLUS can head over to the arcade title’s official website.

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