SEGA Announces Chunithm Paradise Live Stream to Air Today

Chunithm Arcade Cabinets

SEGA‘s Chunithm series is one of the developer’s most prized rhythm games next to maimai and has continued to see expanded growth with each iteration of the game that gets released. A few weeks back, they announced the newest entry to the series, Chunithm PARADISE, which is scheduled to hit Japanese game centers tomorrow at 10 a.m. Today, SEGA issued a press release stating that they will be holding a special Chunithm live stream event at 7 p.m. Japan Standard Time to show off some of the new features of the upcoming title.

Chunithm is a rhythm game that is produced exclusively for the arcade market. The game is unique in the fact that it uses a touch panel bar at the front of the machine and sensors lined along the sides of the machine to have players react to multiple different note types such as tapping, holding, sliding, and raising their hands off of the control panel. Each year the game receives two major ‘Plus’ updates which add new content to the game, and a major release which is a complete overhaul of the interface, systems, and the addition of new songs for players to enjoy.

Chunithm Paradise Title

There is no telling exactly what SEGA will be showing off with the upcoming Chunithm live stream, but if I were a betting man, we will get a good glimpse at the tracklist, some of the new features, and a possible explanation of how they reworked the team system for the game. We’re not too far out from the live stream kicking off, so we’ll all know exactly what they’re hiding soon enough, but until then, we just have to be patient and wait.

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