City Pop Compilation ‘Pacific Breeze’ Releasing Stateside

Pacific Breeze Jacket

Slow but steady, the rise of City Pop’s popularity with a worldwide audience via the internet manifests stronger every day. Earlier this month, the widely diverse record label Light in the Attic announced “Pacific Breeze”; a compilation of City Pop, AOR, and Japanese Boogie. The first official physical City Pop release stateside, “Pacific Breeze” will be released on vinyl and CD May 3! Ready those wallets.

Pacific Breeze Cover

Pacific Breeze” also features newly created cover art by Hiroshi Nagai who’s spectacular illustrations adorned many albums from the City Pop era. Light in the Attic has released everything from The Boys Are Back In Town’s Thin Lizzy to RNB extraordinaire D’Angelo. Recently, they’ve been releasing a series of compilations of older Japanese under the ‘Japan Archival Series’ title, as well as a lot of Haruomi Hosono of YMO fame, and this comp is the next in that series.

The compilation showcases a lot of great artists, including Taeko Ohnuki who’s album “Sunshower” was one of the first City Pop albums to ride the resurgence wave. There are a few tracks the previously mentioned Haruomi Hosono worked on as well underrated gems Hiroshi Sato and Hitomi Tohyama. “Pacific Breeze” looks to be a good combination of City Pop / adjacent music with a lot to discover.


City Pop Vinyl Reveal

I’m quite happy to see the resurrection of City Pop continue to thrive. While Plastic Loveand Vaporwave are good introductory points, there’s so much great music to discover. It all really holds up too. From Tatsuro Yamashita’s “For You” to Toshiki Kadomatsu’s “Before The Daylight”, an ocean of smooth guitar licks, vibrant bubble-era vocals, and beautiful cheesy synth is waiting for you to take a swim. A good starting point for your City Pop vinyl collection; we hope its one of many to come.

Light In The Attic’s “Pacific Breeze” releases on May 3! Find out more information and the complete track-list here.

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