CLAMP’s Tokyo Babylon Gets New Anime Adaptation Next Year

Clamp's Tokyo Babylon Gets New Anime Adaptation Next Year

Like in every other kind of media, all sorts of anime are getting remade these days. Often, like in the case of next year’s Shaman King and the multi-season on and off Fruits Basket, it’s because a previous adaptation didn’t adapt the entire manga and a fanbase has remained alive enough to justify a second attempt. While the two-episode OVA of CLAMP’s Tokyo Babylon didn’t cover the whole story, we’re still shocked that any production committee has decided to take a gamble remaking this one. CLAMP used to be a household name amongst the Otaku community, but even then Tokyo Babylon was never one of the hits, which in theory makes the new adaptation exciting.

Coming sometime in 2021, Studio GoHands is binging Tokyo Babylon 2021 which, as the name might suggest, will modernize the early 90s urban fantasy to our modern day. Perhaps best remembered as a sequel to the unfinished X, what you could call the famed manga group’s unrealized magnum opus, it’ll be interesting to see the series presented on its own all these years later. As occultic horrors begin to unleash terrors upon Tokyo, two fashionable Omnyouji are tasked with cleaning up the streets, but that’s only the beginning of what becomes quite the web.

GoHands is best known for the K franchise, which through its numerous entries has its fans, however some of the studio’s other shows have drawn mixed reactions namely due to their particular visual aesthetic. Admittedly while I’ve no hard feelings against the studio, that same visual style which being employed here has sapped a lot of the 90s CLAMP Charm out of these character designs. I get modernizing the setting, but CLAMP first and foremost are great illustrators and I would have preferred to see Tokyo Babylon brought to life with a loo closer to the original work.

Tokyo Babylon 2021 will air sometime in 2021.

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