Classic Kirby Scenes Recreated in Miniature Collectible Terrariums

Kirby Terrariums

A number of iconic scenes and power-ups from Kirby history have been turned into, of all things, a terrarium collection available to collectors from next week.

Even if you don’t play Kirby games, you probably love Kirby. Kirby is shaped like a friend, and it’s hard not to fawn over that cute pink blob. They’re an iconic Nintendo mascot with their own series of cafes, and a mascot that’s malleable thanks to a copy ability that allows them to turn into just about anything it comes into contact with.

I’ve always kept some Kirby items on my desk because they’re too cute not to display, and I may have to add some of these new terrariums in the near future.

Kirby Terrariums

Terrariums, for those unfamiliar, are dioramas housed within bottles or transparent spheres that can easily be displayed for others to admire. Typically these are made of glass, but for this affordable blind-box collection of terrariums, these bottles and globes housing the dioramas are made out of plastic. Inside are scenes reminiscent of moments and costumes from classic Kirby games and capture these moments and the character’s cuteness well.

You have a Kirby Air Ride-inspired terrarium featuring Kirby zooming by on a bike from the game, while others include a Kirby and the Magic Mirror-like scene, the dancing scene at the end of a stage, the iconic warp star and more!

Kirby Terrarium Kirby Terrarium Kirby Terrarium Kirby Terrarium Kirby Terrarium Kirby Terrarium

Best of all, these are all relatively inexpensive. While you’ll have to chance your luck at blind boxes, each terrarium only costs 880 yen, and with six different designs to collect, it isn’t too much to get every single one to complete the set, if you were so inclined.

If you want one of these terrariums for yourself, you won’t have to wait long. The Kirby Terrarium Collection: A New Wind for Tomorrow launches next week on 14 June, and you can find out more on the Re-Ment official website.

Nintendo / HAL Laboratory
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