Curry House CoCo Ichibanya is Teaming Up With Evangelion

One of my personal favorite food chains in all of Japan, Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, is teaming up with one of my favorite animated series of all time, “Evangelion,” for what is set to be an incredible collaborative event later this month. Beginning October 17 through until December 18, the two month event invites customers to get lost in the curry all in the name of winning some seriously insane prizes.

Customers who spend over 900 yen in store will have the opportunity to enter their receipt in a lottery that’ll enable them to win one of five collaborative prizes. Breaking down the prize list, we see a legitimately cool blend of fashion, cutlery and other merchandise that blends the two major names in perfect unison:

1. Flight Jacket (Limited to 100 pieces)

Set to be made available to an extremely lucky 100 entrants, the original collaborative flight jacket is an absolute eye-catcher. Featuring a striking purple colorway, coupled with an extremely Evangelion-esque piece on the back and fitting patches on the front and side, I think it’s pretty obvious what we’ll be going for.

2. Curry Plate Set (Limited to 100 pieces)

Once again available to 100 lucky customers, the Curry Plate set features two incredible illustrated plates contained within an original casing. Based on the dimensions shown, and how often you’ll find me eating at CoCo Ichibanya, it’s pretty safe to say they’ll be about the same size as the plates offered in-store.

3. Mobile Pouch & Battery (Limited to 100 pieces)

Starting to notice a trend here? Limited to 100 pieces, the mobile pouch and battery features the same key imagery used for the campaign on the battery, and a camouflage pouch for the battery and phone. Do I want my hands on a portable battery featuring all the rebuild main characters outside a CoCo Ichibanya? Of course.

4. Cushion Blanket (Limited to 100 pieces)

Nothing says cozy quite like a warm bowl of CoCo Ichibanya, except maybe a co-branded blanket and pillow combo between both the chain and “Evangelion.”  Limited to 100 pieces, the pillow blanket combo is ridiculously cool and definitely something we’ll be keeping our eyes on.

5. 1,000 Yen In-Store Coupon (Limited to 500 pieces)

As per usual with collaborative events at Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, the final prize is a 1,000 yen coupon for in-store, limited to 500 pieces. In simpler terms however, that’s pretty much a free bowl of curry.

What are your thoughts on the collaboration? Think you’ll be trying your hand at winning one of the five prizes up for grabs? If you’re interested in checking out a little more information, there’s an official website that launched for the event, here.

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