Cocomi Brings Dior to SPY x FAMILY for Another High Class Collaboration

Key visual for SPY x FAMILY Cocomi and Dior collaboration

SPY x FAMILY has teamed up with fashion model Cocomi and SPUR Magazine once more for a new collaboration, featuring items inspired by Yor Forger and taken from Dior’s Spring 2021 collection.

For a series as effortlessly stylish as Tatsuya Endo’s, it’s perhaps no surprise to see it featured once again in the pages of SPUR: the last collaboration was in December, which saw the Forger family put together a January lookbook. Nevertheless, this is the first time that SPY x FAMILY has been associated with the likes of Dior: one of the world’s most famous luxury fashion brands.

That’s apparently all thanks to Cocomi, full name Cocomi Kimura, who has quickly risen to nationwide fame since debuting last year. She’s described as a ‘manga lover’ on the official SPUR website, and one of the works that she loves is SPY x FAMILY; perhaps because of its imminent sense of style. With this in mind, she was more than happy to make this collaboration into a reality.

Cocomi as Yor from SPY x FAMILY

There’s two parts to this new SPY x FAMILY collaboration: first, the outfit put together by Cocomi based on Yor’s appearance in the manga, and the make-up inspired by her two identities as a mother and as an assassin. To take the first thing first, all the pieces are obviously taken from Dior’s Spring 2021 collection (she’s one of their brand ambassadors, after all) but work surprisingly well as a sort of high-class cosplay. Just don’t look at the prices!

Where the look really comes together, however, is the make-up. For her usual outfit, Cocomi chose a more ‘natural’ look that went with all the beige colors, but there is a more striking look for when she’s on the job as the legendary assassin known as ‘Thorn Princess.’ The red lipstick certainly serves to remind you just how much blood she’s spilled over the years.

Finally, series author Tatsuya Endo also contributed some illustrations for this SPY x FAMILY collaboration, redrawing Cocomi as Yor holding a Dior handbag (too many layers) and depicting the Forger family all dressed up ready to go out. You can see those on the official website.

SPUR Magazine/Shueisha
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