Combat Coronavirus With Official ‘Black Jack’ Antiseptic

Black Jack antiseptic

Osamu Tezuka’s classic manga Black Jack is getting official antiseptic, courtesy of “product export management service” Jem Industries. At first, this appears to be a very random and bizarre collaboration, but makes sense once you consider the medical nature of the series. Furthermore, this antiseptic is actually intended to help out the medical workers who are toiling every day to combat the Coronavirus – both in an emotional and literal sense.

Jem Industries’ official Black Jack antiseptic comes in many different design varieties, featuring both the titular character and his diminutive assistant, Pinoko. Probably my favorite is this one featuring the duo at the front, but also Pinoko doing her “Acchon burike” face on the back:

Black Jack and Pinoko design

The collaboration’s key visual, as retrieved from the Rakuten website, also explains a little bit of why this product came to be. Starting with the philosophical lines “If Black Jack was here today, what would he say to us? If Pinoko was here today, what kind of smile would she do for us?”, Jem Industries’ Black Jack antiseptic declares that its aim to “support” medical workers by making their “everyday lives just a little bit brighter.” This will be done both through the attractive design, as well as the 5 yen that will be sent to “medical worker support groups” every time a bottle is bought.

Key visual

One has to wonder what Black Jack would say to those who believe Coronavirus to be some sort of global conspiracy. Furthermore, one has to imagine that working in medicine in Japan requires reading Black Jack – there is no finer series that captures the realism of surgery, as well as the exciting prospects of modern medicine.

What’s more, for all intents and purposes, it seems as if this Black Jack antiseptic really is meant for medical workers. For one, it comes in glass bottles, and you have to source your own spraying device. Furthermore, the antiseptic solution comes in at an eye watering 66% alcohol – unless you’re really desperate, I would not recommend drinking this.

There also appears to be a market developing for Black Jack-related medical goods. Previously, we covered the official Black Jack face masks, and now we have this antiseptic. As to what might possibly come in the future, we’ll just have to wait and find out.

You can buy the official Black Jack antiseptic via Den-En Frontier Spirits on Rakuten.

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