COMIC VAMP by Kadokawa Indulges in New Adult Fantasy Manga Online

Kadokawa COMIC VAMP Cover

Isekai consumes all in its path, evidenced by becoming the latest Japanese loan world to be readily accepted into the English language. Well, the word has yet to be officially adopted by the Oxford dictionary (unlike terms like ‘kawaii’ and ‘hikikomori’ which should be in your 2021 updates dictionaries) but just about every anime fan now knows the formula: Guy gets dropped into an often RPG inspired ‘another world’ and engages in polygamy. Naturally, the setup lends itself to adult material as well, which may explain why Kadokawa finds itself to soon launch COMIC VAMP, a new online publication centered on such manga.

At least the logo’s all ages, right?

Despite the clean COMIC VAMP logo here, the header image and the one below come from a manga by Genkiyo Sawara whose title translates to ‘Sex & Dungeon’ (it’s actually just that in Katakana folks, no subtlety here) which tells you all you need to know about both it and the magazine. A preview of the manga and the magazine exists online now, and those interested can find the full version starting on 5 March.

I’m not typing out the title again.

As sure a fact as that humans need sufficient oxygen in the air to breathe, we know almost to an intuitive level that sex sells. On its face, Kadokawa releasing a new Mature Fantasy Comic based imprint doesn’t inherently tickle our fancies, even if they went for a pretty catchy title in the name ‘Comic Vamp.’ However, reading between  the lines and employing some optimism here: There’s potential for something interesting. Specifically, Kadokawa is advertising ‘adult man’ with Sex in it, but seemingly still series that straddles the line of still being manga in spirit instead of just being H-material. Sure, smut’s gonna come to the platform in droves, but if we’re lucky, we’ll see some unique takes on the fantasy genre that take advantage of their open sexuality indulgence in more thoughtful ways.

Kadokawa’s COMIC VAMP launches 5 March.

KADOKAWA / Genkiyo Sawara
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