Converse STARS x Dragon Ball Apparel Collection Unveiled

Another day, another Dragon Ball based street-wear collection drops. The good news though is the Converse STARS x Dragon Ball collection looks really good, which isn’t to say the other lines we covered don’t. They each bring something unique to the table, but now that are some many street-wear options specifically in the Dragon Ball sub-sub category, it might be hard to know what to pick. While we can’t choose for you, we do think the Converse STARS x Dragon Ball collection does have some designs that make a good argument. While this article will focus on the clothing, there’s socks, towels, and a phone case to check out too.

Converse STARS x Dragon Ball Collection Unveiled

For starts, I’m willing to stand up and publicly applaud any line that decided to use my girl Launch. She’s without a doubt the most criminally under-appreciated Dragon Ball character that Toriyama himself forgot about. The Converse STARS x Dragon Ball line does focus on the earlier days of the series; no Vegeta, Trunks, or Piccolo anywhere to be seen. It also, for the most part, uses Akira Toriyama’s original art, as opposed to the animation line-art and promotional images some previous lines have opted to use. The aesthetic is slightly different, which gives Converse STARS an edge here.

Converse STARS x Dragon Ball Collection Unveiled

These Bulma cuts, and particularly the pink shirt, are probably my personal favorite pieces in the collection.  The blue logo really pops on both the pink and the white and having a full-bodied casually dressed Bulma in the middle puts the cherry on top. All shirts in this collection are priced at 6,800 yen and the hoodies are 9,800. This hoodie below, which features detailed original black and white manga art by Toriyama is another choice pick from me.

Converse STARS Bulma Hoodie

The Converse STARS x Dragon Ball line is set to hit this September. Here’s the full line up.

Converse / Shueisha / Bird Studio


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