conXion Video Recap: Attack the Music’s Showcase Dance Event

Anime Expo 2017 may have come and gone, but the memories from that unforgettable weekend are still engrained deeply into everyone’s minds. From the lively panels all the way to the enormous entertainment halls, there are very few events that I hold as closely as Attack the Music’s debut North America label showcase party, conXion, which took over this years AX Dance. It was an incredible night that aimed to bring together an illustrious roster of talent from both North America and Japan and blending them together into a single dance party. Of course, we were right there in the middle of the action, just so you can live the night over and over again.

What conXion did was so much more than just provide a great night for everyone involved, it completely raised the bar for all future events happening at conventions all across the country. Walking the halls, I couldn’t count how many times I heard people at a loss of words for just how wild it sounded from the distance, with many still in disbelief as to how good the event actually turned out. We’re more than excited to see just what Attack the Music has in store for next year, and look forward to witnessing history being made in the moment once more.

If you’re interested in checking out Attack the Music’s incredible roster of sounds, be sure to check them out on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Twitter

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