Look Like the Coolest Sorcerer With These Jujutsu Kaisen Glasses

Satoru Gojo wearing sunglasses

Thinking about it, Jujutsu Kaisen is actually a pretty good ambassador for all us glasses-wearing folk. Some of the strongest characters in the series wear them: Satoru Gojo and Kento Nanami being, of course, the chief examples. If you ever wanted to channel their bespectacled energy, then Premium Bandai has teamed up with Studio MAPPA’s anime to bring us some high quality Jujutsu Kaisen replica glasses.

Given the quality of the replicas on offer, they aren’t cheap: both the Nanami and Gojo models of the Jujutsu Kaisen glasses will set you back 14,850 yen (around $135 USD). Even so, the manufacturer has the details down pat, which means that they are a must-have for any budding cosplayer.

Jujutsu Kaisen glasses Satoru Gojo ver

The Gojo glasses are modeled after the ones he wears in episode 21, which are slightly different from the round sunglasses that he used to wear in his youth. They’re also the ones featured in the first ED, ‘Lost in Paradise.’ Gojo wears glasses, by the way, to reduce the strain of his special ocular jujutsu Six Eyes: without sunglasses or a blindfold, it would be like seeing everything in 8K all the time. Now, you probably don’t have that problem as a normal person, but you can pretend anyway.

Jujutsu Kaisen glasses Kento Nanami ver

Nanami, meanwhile, appears to only wear glasses for style’s sake: when we see his back story as an office worker during the Mahito arc, he doesn’t wear them, after all. Still, his glasses are pretty darn cool, sitting neatly on the bridge of his nose with no arms. Unfortunately, this doesn’t translate very well in real life, so Premium Bandai’s Jujutsu Kaisen replica glasses do have arms. You’re very welcome to cut them off and glue them onto your face, however.

Neither of these Jujutsu Kaisen replica glasses work as actual prescription glasses: the product description advises customers to ‘ask at the nearest opticians’ if they would like to put in prescription lenses. For those that just want to inject a little bit of Jujutsu Kaisen style into their everyday lives, however, these glasses work a treat.

Preorders are open now with a predicted delivery window of August 2021.

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