Latest Cospa Dragon Ball Z Collection Opts For Chill

Latest Cospa Dragon Ball Z Collection Opts For Chill

You would think the world would eventually get tired of Dragon Ball Z related fashion but every few months we’re reminded otherwise. Recent high profile collaborations with the world’s most recognizable anime have included a cute Bape line and a rather neat though pricey watch from G-Shock. You have your inexpensive options like the Uniqlo collab as well as your skater fashion stylings from Primitive. The latest Dragon Ball clothing worth making a ruckus about though comes from good old Cospa who mainly markets their clothing to the full on Otaku market. They’ve sold plenty of DBZ merch in the past but these new designs are especially chill.

Cospa is adding four new designs, retailing at 3190 yen, to its extensive Dragon Ball Z merch collection.  The ‘Chill Out’ Kame House shirt above particularly stands out because it’s the most civilian friendly of the bunch but also simply a tight design. Fresh and clean, it’d be good for a beach day if that pesky global pandemic didn’t retire that idea for most of us. This Goku shirt below is also particularly neat as it features him out of his Gi and instead sporting one of his more underappreciated looks, popping nicely against the Romaji in the back.

Goku Cospa

To be fair, Cospa can be particularly diverse in the offerings. With 25 years of design experience behind them, they know how to appeal to fans of any particular series. Recent Digimon shirts they put out use polygonal art for a retro touch but they’ve also produced full-on replica cosplay uniforms. Even just within their Dragon Ball merchandise, you can find a lot of variety when browsing their webshop. We’re of the opinion these newest designs are something of a departure going for a chill and laid back casual style. Just look at Majin Buu!

Majin Buu Shirt

These Dragon Ball Z shirts from Cospa will hit stores this October.

Cospa / Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation
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