Shueisha Raises Alarm as Counterfeit Demon Slayer Volumes Sold Online

Demon Slayer manga

Whenever there is a popular media series, counterfeiters are gonna counterfeit. That’s as true today as it was back in the early 2000s, when your dad was selling dodgy DVDs out of the back of a van. Recently, Shueisha ran into such a problem with counterfeit Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba volumes being sold on popular shopping sites. We’d encourage all of our readers to check whether they’ve fallen foul to this.

The publisher raised the alarm on Twitter, putting out a statement today saying ‘Recently, it has come to our attention that illegally printed Demon Slayer volumes have been sold on the internet… More specifically, they were sold as full 23 volume sets on such places as Mercari and Amazon Marketplace.’

Furthermore, the publisher outlined how to tell real Demon Slayer volumes apart from the counterfeit ones, saying that the ‘spine’ was thinner and that the price on the back of volume 4 was ‘not contained in a box.’ You can see the difference below:

Counterfeit Demon Slayer Volumes vs real ones

Hopefully, this will provide customers with the necessary information to tell whether their Demon Slayer volumes are fake or not, although one has to wonder how widespread this problem is. Given the massive popularity of the series, there have been several occasions where retailers have sold out of volumes: this is presumably when you would dip into something like Amazon Marketplace. Anyone who doesn’t know any better may have been duped.

Even if you notice that you have received counterfeit copies of Demon Slayer, however, Shueisha isn’t offering refunds on these volumes. It isn’t their problem after all (the onus falls on companies like Amazon to check the integrity of their vendors) but good luck getting a refund from a bogus counterfeiting company!

If any of our readers have recently purchased full volume sets of Demon Slayer from such sites as Mercari and Amazon Marketplace (in Japanese, of course) then we’d encourage you to check if you’ve received counterfeit versions. Time is of the essence here, as these black companies could easily fold and retreat into the criminal underground, never to be seen again.

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