Suit Up in this Spike Spiegel Collaboration Outfit

The worlds of anime and fashion are colliding once again, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s getting even easier to show off a little bit of pride while remaining a bit more subtle. If you’re anything like me, finding some little way to show your support for your favorite series is something you strive to do, but does it always have to be through that flashy graphic tee? That small badge on your bag doesn’t really cut it either, so now that’s where Japanese clothing labels like SuperGroupies come in.

In a recent announcement from the brand, they detailed their latest piece with the ever-popular Cowboy Bebop — a full, two-piece suit comprised of jacket and pants designed to mimic Spike Spiegel’s iconic look, to an extent. Take a peek at some of the official modeling shots below.

It’s practically guaranteed the ‘The Real Folk Blues’ will begin to play every time you walk into a room. Tons of small details add up to give off airs of both true quality and high fashion — the inside lining even utilizes the iconic backgrounds used in the series’ opening.

Those who preorder the 40,000 yen ($355 USD) set will also receive this special illustration from character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto. Who ever thought that we’d be getting a brand-new piece of Cowboy Bebop artwork after all this time?

The SuperGroupies page for the suit can be found here. If you won’t be in Japan for the planned March release date, you’d better start arranging for that trusty Japan-residing and order-accepting friend to help you out now, since the preorder window only runs through the 17th!

Be sure to check out the brand’s other wares as well — they carry collaboration items for everything from My Hero Academia to Osamatsu-san to even Rozen Maiden!

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