Creamy Mami Is Bringing a Creamy Xmas to Kichijoji

Creamy Mami themed Creamy Xmas event Poster

If we were some kind of lesser publication, we’d spend half of this article poking fun at the phrase Creamy Xmas. Old school anime fans all have a silent pact with one another to conveniently ignore the fact that Creamy Mami is, in fact, called Creamy Mami.

The magical girl take on Urusei Yatsura, complete with that sweet and aesthetically gratifying Akemi Takada art, is so beloved that we’re united in not making some low-hanging jokes for hyucks. We’re also united in going to check out the Creamy Mami themed Creamy Xmas event taking over Cafe Zenon in Tokyo’s vibrant Kichijoji this December!

Creamy Mami Creamy Xmas event Poster

Creamy Xmas 2020 will launch 24 November and run all the way through Christmas day. During that holiday branded time at Cafe Zenon and Zenon Sakaba, both located in the sweetly hip neighborhood Kichijoji, you’ll be able to sip on sweet Creamy Mami coffees and nibble on Creamy Mami deserts. One would assume you’ll be able to buy some limited edition merch for this classic beloved series as well. Perhaps most excitingly, previously mentioned 80s illustrations god Akemi Takada will be judging a Creamy Mami latte art contest as part of the Creamy Xmas festivities. We could all use that magical girl touch in our morning cup of Creamy Joe… On second thought, maybe skip that last line.

Creamy Mami Drinks from Creamy Xmas event

While Kichijoji has become quite the popular neighborhood in the past ten years (as evidenced as it getting shoehorned into Persona 5 Royal when not being in the original iteration of that game) it’s a bit of an odd choice to host an otaku event. Kichijoji is known for its trendy cafes, coffee shops, and a staff favorite burger restaurant, and aside from its local Book Off and Yodobashi, there’s nothing particularly anime about it. Why hold Creamy Xmas there instead of, perhaps, Shibuya Parco is beyond us! However, if you’ve never been to Kichijoji, it’s becoming an essential spot to check out on any Tokyo visit, so why not go for Creamy Xmas?

Creamy Mami food from Creamy Xmas event

The Creamy Mami Creamy Xmas Cafe Zenon takeover will run from 24 November through 25 December.
Cafe Zenon / Studio Pierrot / Akemi Takada
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