Crunchyroll Collaborates With One Piece For 20th Anniversary Hoodies

Nami, Zoro Hoodies

You know, this isn’t even the first article I’ve had to write about One Piece clothing this week. That’s okay though! Courtesy of the one and only Crunchyroll, there’s a new set of exclusive hoodies available for purchase in their web shop. These hoodies were created in celebration for the 20th anniversary of the One Piece anime. There’s 4 different options available each featuring a different character; Nami, Hancock, Zoro, and Robin. They retail for $44.99 but if you’re a premium subscriber of the streaming service, you can net a 10% discount on these.

Boa Hancock Hoodie

Each of the hoodies features an illustration of the on the back as well as the names of the various characters in katakana. The fronts of these pieces simply have a One Piece logo on the upper left of the torso. I think these designs are actually pretty neat. They’re definitely going for ‘aesthetic’ with the combination of the color overlays and the katakana. For better or worse they haven’t adopted the ‘having something printed on the sleeves’ trend a lot of street-wear has today. Out of the four, I’m most partial to the Nico Robin hoodie. The off-white / beige fabric color is a good choice and the checkerboard background behind Robin adds a little extra too.

Nico Robin Hoodie

20 years of the One Piece anime is definitely a huge accomplishment of which these hoodies are only a small part. It’s also pretty neat that, after the longest time, the series has finally found a solid footing in western fandom. Lord knows the initial 4kids edit of the show didn’t win anyone over, although I’ll defend the ‘One Piece Rap’ till my death. It’s not what Naruto was too the wet but seeing everyone’s favorite pirate crew sail international seas and make a second home outside of Japan is wonderful.

These hoodies are available for purchase at Crunchyroll now, in addition to previously available exclusive One Piece clothing.

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