Crunchyroll Expands Premium Membership Offerings With New Tiers Featuring Offline Viewing, More

Crunchyroll Expands Premium Membership Offerings With New Tiers Featuring Offline Viewing, More

Crunchyroll have continued to grow from strength to strength as the popularity of anime around the world has accelerated. The company surpassed 3 million premium members last quarter with record viewership numbers. What was perhaps most noteworthy in the data Crunchyroll released were the viewing figures; premium members were watching on average 100 minutes of anime every day! With this in mind, Crunchyroll have revamped their premium membership tiers with an eye towards accommodating those dedicated anime fans.

The current standard paid membership has been renamed the Fan tier, with all the same benefits and pricing as is currently offered. Premium+ memberships will be retired and instead two new tiers of membership, known as Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan, will be introduced.

Mega Fans will now have access to offline downloads of anime offered by Crunchyroll as well as up to 4 concurrent streams, on top of all Fan membership benefits such as immediate access to simulcast anime and the removal of ads. Ultimate Fan is a US-only tier that upgrades the concurrent stream number to 6 streams, alongside a member swag bag, member-only access to the purchase of exclusive merch and a $25 off $100 purchase voucher for the Crunchyroll store every 3 months.

New membership pricing will be as follows:

  • Fan – $7.99/month
  • Mega Fan – $9.99/month
  • Ultimate Fan – $14.99/month

Going way back to the early days of Crunchyroll’s transformation into the biggest legal streaming service dedicated to anime, the company offered some of its earliest premium series with DRM-free downloads. In a deal with Gonzo, anime like Tower of Druaga could be purchased and downloaded for a small fee. While the promise of downloads for anime has never sustained itself since then, in-app downloads for offline viewing a la Netflix is a welcome addition, even if charging extra for the feature may anger some considering its standard inclusion with other streaming services.

These new Crunchyroll membership tiers are now available to purchase for new members, while current members can upgrade their membership for prorated prices before being charged new rates from their account page.

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