Most of Crystal Kay’s Discography Now Available for International Streaming at Apple Music

Most of Crystal Kay's Discography Now Available for International Streaming at Apple Music

Worldwide fans of Crystal Kay’s soulful R&B recently got some good news to start their week. Apple Music quietly made most of the Japanese singer’s discography available for international streaming.

Crystal Kay tweeted about it on Sunday, and she sounded genuinely surprised to hear about it:

However, there are apparently still some holes in Apple Music’s collection. For example, fans on Twitter noticed that some of her songs, such as ‘Kirakuni’, are not available to stream (although they added that these same songs could be downloaded from iTunes).

She apologized for the gap, tweeting back ‘Lol man look! A lot of the Grey ones… Unfortunately haven’t been cleared… Most are the ones that were done by international writers and producers…’

Copyright claims and other legal entanglements are a big part of the reason why certain anime series, movies, and other content have become ‘lost,’ or otherwise received limited home video releases. So, it’s understandable that music would also hit some snags.

Nonetheless, Crystal Kay tweeted on Monday that she was happy to see the discography go up.

According to reports, Crystal Kay Williams made her official debut in 1999. Her Almost Seventeen album (2002) went platinum. And her single Motherland was an ending theme for the 2004 version of Fullmetal Alchemist. She also sang the theme for the 2008 anime movie, Pokémon: Giratina & the Sky Warrior.

In 2018, she was one of the singers at m-flo presents: ‘OTAQUEST LIVE’ powered by LDH USA during Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

On 19-20 March, she will appear in Musical Meets Symphony: THE GREATEST HITS FROM ABBA 2 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater.

You can find her Apple Music artist page here or learn more about her on her official LDH management profile page.

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