Check out the Latest Single from CY8ER ‘Koi Natsu’

CY8ER are back and sounding fresher than ever in their latest release, “Koi Natsu”, which was recently made available on their YouTube channel. The bouncy electronic single finds the six-member idol unit playfully embracing the summertime, all while infusing their own signature sounds and styles into the season.

When it comes to emerging idol groups, there’s none that I’ve found more intriguing than CY8ER. I’d be lying if I said I was a big idol fan, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the blending of electronic music with less-traditional idol sounds. That’s exactly where CY8ER comes into all of this, they’re an idol group who aren’t afraid of being unconventional, and that’s possibly one of their strongest points. Many might know them for their global headline-making stunt which saw them wearing hazmat suits for a fan meet and greet, but I’d like to hope most of you know them for their incredible musical value.

Their latest single “Koi Natsu” is no exception, and is an excellent entry point for anyone not familiar with the group. Fresh off the group’s “Lucid Dreaming Tour”, it’s impressive that the members were able to make the time to push out such a quality single. Pulling off a similarly excentric vibe to previous releases, “Koi Natsu” truly drives home the fact that CY8ER are a force to be reckoned with. If you’re intereted in checking out further information on the group, be sure to dig through out archives, here.

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