CY8ER Release Latest ‘Sayonara Flashback’ Lyric Video

CY8ER Release Latest 'Sayonara Flashback' Lyric Video

It was just last week that I found myself writing about the A-Side to CY8ER’s upcoming “Summer / Sayonara Flashback”, the aptly titled seasonal anthem Summer. While the song had a much more prominent “pop” feel than anything I’d ever heard from CY8ER in the past, the B-Side is definitely a much more familiar sound. Uploaded to ICIGOSTYLE’s official YouTube account today, “Sayonara Flashback” dropped just in time for the release of “Summer / Sayonara Flashback” on streaming services.

Fittingly to the title of “Sayonara Flashback”, the track’s lyric video mostly consists of cut-up footage from previous CY8ER music videos in more-or-less of a flashback style. Again produced by both Yunomi and KOTONOHOUSE, the song launches itself with somber line after somber line before entering a very CY8ER breakdown that screams both Yunomi and KOTONOHOUSE. When it comes to their live performances, I can definitely see this making for a more emotional segment. While the whole song is about reflection, it’s definitely nice to see some fresh sounds from the group.

Released digitally on April 23, “Summer” comes fresh off CY8ER’s “Summer / Sayonara Flashback” release. The drop comes just ahead of CY8ER’s upcoming live show at Tokyo Dome City Hall, CY8ER DEATH MATCH, on June 23, 2019. With a 3,200 person capacity, this very well could be the group’s biggest live performance to date. Following on from a string of wildly successful shows throughout 2018, if this is CY8ER’s first real throwdown in 2019, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to. If there was ever an event to be at for fans of CY8ER, I’d argue this would absolutely have to be it.

Available now for streaming on all major platforms, those interested in checking out CY8ER’s latest single “Summer / Sayonara Flashback”, be sure to head over to the group’s official website.

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