CY8ER Releases Hard-Hitting New “Time Trip” Music Video

CY8ER Releases Hard-Hitting New

Within the music sphere, there are few pairings that you’d consider more inseparable than that of CY8ER and Yunomi. In many ways, Yunomi has been the sound of CY8ER since before they even became CY8ER, and he’s been the go-to producer for them since the very beginning. But one of the main reasons I’m such a fan of CY8ER is the fact that they’re so capable of changing things up on the fly, and in their latest KOTONOHOUSE-produced “Time Trip”, that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Uploaded to ICIGOSTYLE’s official YouTube channel over the weekend, the unit’s latest “Time Trip” steps away from the usual glistening production of Yunomi in father of the more hard-hitting sound of KOTONOHOUSE. It’s a mix that actually works incredibly well, with CY8ER’s harmonies layering incredibly well over the more intense growls of KOTONOHOUSE’s track, with slowdowns in all the right places to leave you bouncing.

This is the second release from the group in 2019 that has left me totally blown away. While their previous releases left a lot of reasons to enjoy the group, this year already has me screaming CY8ER’s name from the rooftops. The switch between both Yunomi and KOTONOHOUSE could prove an interesting dynamic throughout releases, and one that will definitely prove to compliment the other.

Set to release digitally on March 26, “Time Trip” will come coupled with several other songs and instrumentals.

01.タイムトリップ (Time Trip)
02.スポットライトセオリー (Spotlight Theory)
03.スペースタイム (Space Time)
04.タイムトリップ (Instrumental) (Time Trip Instrumental)
05.スポットライトセオリー (Instrumental) (Spotlight Theory Instrumental)
06.スペースタイム (Instrumental) (Space Time Instrumental)

With two incredibly dynamic releases straight out the gate to kick off 2019, it’s going to be an incredible year for CY8ER fans. For those interested in checking out further information on the group, be sure to hit up CY8ER’s official website.

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