Cytus Alpha Has a New Release Date and It’s Sooner Than Expected..

PM Studios and acttil are thrilled to announce that CYTUS α, the latest title from critically acclaimed rhythm game developer Rayark, is coming to Nintendo Switch in North America on May 14th in both digital and physical formats. To celebrate the release of CYTUS α on Nintendo Switch, the initial release of the retail version will include a special CD, featuring music from [Chapter Ω]! The special CD and the game will be finely packaged using exclusive box art featuring some of the awesome visuals of CYTUS α!

About CYTUS α

CYTUS α is a rhythm game featuring a futuristic graphical style, which includes more than 200 songs from the original CYTUS and new tracks created for CYTUS α. Players will use the Nintendo Switch’s unique Touch controls to hit notes for maximum control. There is also an online mode, where players can engage in score battles with other rhythm fanatics. 

Key Features

  • Music: More than 200 tracks from the original release with over 400 Charts, and additional unreleased songs, including exclusive songs from Cytus Ω, which are available in Chapter Ω! and collaborations from Chapter Ω!
  • Visuals: Mesmerizing futuristic graphics with a new UI developed specifically for Nintendo Switch! 
  • Story: An in-depth data system for diving into even deeper story engagement!
  • Difficulty: Easy to hard modes to satisfy beginners and veteran rhythm game players alike, and various musical tastes such as pop, jazz, trance, hardcore and more!
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