Pioneer Announces Limited Edition DDJ-400 Themed After D4DJ’s Happy Around

DDJ400 D4DJ Top

Pioneer is the leading manufacturer of almost everything DJ related. From their standalone CDJ hardware to their DJM mixers and DDJ controllers, everything that comes out of the company is top-notch. Today, they announced a new collaboration with the currently popular anime and mobile game D4DJ First Mix. The collaboration isn’t your typical one, as Pioneer has made an extremely limited version of their popular DDJ-400 DJ controller hardware based on D4DJ First Mix’s group Happy Around. The final product is absolutely breathtaking and something that made me instantly say ‘I want this’ to myself, knowing whole heartedly that I probably couldn’t and shouldn’t buy it.

D4DJ DDJ 400

The model is aptly named the DDJ-400-HA and is going to available starting next month in extremely limited quantities. When I say limited, I mean that Pioneer announced that they will only be making 1,500 of the units in total. Now with a popular anime series like D4DJ First Mix and a well-made entry-level DJ Controller, these things will fly off the shelf in seconds, if not sell out completely during the first few minutes they’re available online from Pioneer’s own shop. Pioneer had the following to say about the design of the Happy Around DDJ-400:

Pearl white is used throughout the body to express the unit’s colors in a rich, glossy white. The jogs are bright orange, and the silk screening is gold, giving the unit an energetic impression of Happy Around! To create a unique design, the top surface of the jog and the mixer section features the original Happy Around! logo and the other buttons and knobs are in white and gray to harmonize with the overall design.

D4DJ DDJ 400 2

Pioneer has yet to announce a price for the Happy Around! DDJ-400 but I wouldn’t expect it to be much more expensive than the standard DDJ-400 which is priced at ¥29,700 here in Japan.

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