Daemon X Machina Launch Trailer Brings Hot Mech Action

Daemon X Machina Launch Trailer Brings Hot Mech Action

On September 13, the Nintendo Switch is finally getting a much needed third party exclusive title in the form of Daemon X Machina. In recent years, there’s been a huge lack of big-budget mecha games for people to sink their teeth into. Marvelous Entertainment and First Studio have teamed up with two of the biggest names in all of mecha; Kenichiro Tsukuda who did tons of work on the Armored Core and Shoji Kawamori, the man behind Macross. With Daemon X Machina just days away, we’re more and more excited with each passing hour. Doesn’t make it any easier that this launch trailer also rips.

Daemon X Machina is stylized in a way few games not made by, say, Platinum are. Vibrant, pulsating with color and flair, this full-budget throwback to mech games of old shouldn’t be missed. Maybe the characters look a little stiff, but everything I’m seeing here with the big robots is checking out the way I want to. Plus, all the cryptic imagery in the trailer with its many historical figures also has me wondering if that’s just for effect or if the game’s going to try to pull off some wonderfully convoluted plot ala Metal Gear Solid. I guess just I’ll have to wait till September 13 to find out.

The Daemon x Machina Prototype Missions demo launched a few months ago on the Switch and I had a ton of fun with them. As I said, the game looks good and in motion that demo felt pretty good to play too. I’m sure there’s been an additional layer of polish put into the final product and after going so long without an Armored Core game or something that at least fit that void, I’m absolutely ready to bust up some robo baddies.

Daemon x Machina launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on September 13.

Marvelous / First Studio
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