Dance Dance Revolution, Sound Voltex, and Beatmania IIDX Are Coming to Mobile, Konami to Release Official Controllers for Each Title

There were a whole lot of interesting offerings on display during Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO) this year, but perhaps none were more worth our attention that Konami’s revelation that Dance Dance Revolution, beatmania IIDX, and Sound Voltex would all be coming to Android and iOS devices sometime in the near future. Not just that, however, Konami would also be producing brand-new controllers for each of these titles with both USB and Bluetooth functionality, set to release in Summer 2019.

Showcased by our good friends over at bemanistyle, the upcoming “ULTIMATE” mobile releases of the arcade staples invite players to tap, swipe, and scratch to all three titles, with full touchscreen support enabled for each game in addition to full support for the upcoming controllers that Konami is set to release. While simply playing off your mobile screen might not be optimal, the support of Android and iOS devices should enable players to utilize devices such as iPad’s for playtime, or even just the connection of your device to an external monitor via third-party connection cables.

When actually looking at the releases, we can see that Ultimate Mobile Sound Voltex is based heavily on the upcoming Sound Voltex Vivid Wave arcade release, while Ultimate Mobile Dance Dance Revolution pulls inspiration from Dance Dance Revolution A. While there’s currently no word of an international release, let alone an actual release date for the titles themselves, it really would be a blessing to see these all be globally accessible.

Right now it would seem obvious that the controllers are somewhat essential for a real experience when playing these upcoming Ultimate Mobile releases. While we’ve known for some time now that both Sound Voltex and beatmania IIDX would be receiving new official controllers, though the Bluetooth functionality remained a mystery up until now, we now also know that Konami is releasing two new Dance Dance Revolution pads. There will be both soft and arcade-style variations available, though full details such as pricing are still yet to be disclosed.

This is probably where things get a little out of hand, with Konami also announcing that Ultimate Mobile Dance Dance Revolution will have support for up to four players simultaneously. While I’m not sure how that would actually pan out, having four players and their dance pads simultaneously connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth, it certainly will be interesting. Now if only Konami would consider a home console release of these titles, especially given that all of the devices have USB support.

While there’s definitely still a lot of work that will be going into Konami’s ULTIMATE MOBILE series of Bemani titles, it’s absolutely something worth keeping an eye on. Until then, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as further information continues to emerge.

Bemanistyle, Konami

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