DanceDanceRevolution 2014 US Location Test Day 1

As previously reported, Konami has brought in a brand new white DDR cabinet to run a location test for DDR 2014 on at the Round 1 in Industry, CA. We’ll be using this headline to post our coverage of the event.

As of this writing (1:33pm) the test still hasn’t started due to an issue with the network connection. Round 1’s techs have been working on resolving the issue, so with any luck we’ll be good to go by 3pm when daily maintenance ends.


As you can see in the photos, the marquee for this text is very bare bones. The Japanese text has been removed, there is no copyright information and no license sticker. The whole machine has been fitted with english warning labels, and more generic eAmusement labels over the NFC card readers. The machine also doesn’t appear to run offline (unlike the UAA versions). From what in game screens I’ve been able to see so far, the game is fully translated to English as well.

Update (2:00pm) – We’ve received confirmation that PREMIUM Play is available on the machine. I’m hearing it’ll cost 4 credits for standard play and 8 credits for PREMIUM during the test. This test also has no exclusive content, and it does indeed run offline. They have started the test in offline mode with the intention to have eAmusement features working later today.

Update (9:00pm) – The machine is now online and it appears that all of the same events and unlockable content from the Japanese version are available in the US test. Boss on Parade is enabled, so it’s safe to assume that Replicant D-Ignition will be available upon unlocking “Truare!”. YuniverHills is still accessible as well, and unlocks earned in other games automatically show up upon registering your e-amusement pass.

It’s worth noting that the game is very clearly not final as most of the online features & events still have Japanese text and have not been translated. Premium mode is available at the costs listed in the previous update, and Extra Attack is available as well.



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