KONAMI Announces Twentieth Extra Stage for DANCERUSH STARDOM


KONAMI‘s next-generation dancing game DANCERUSH STARDOM initially got off to a very rocky start, even dating back to when it was in location tests. The game went through a number of concept changes, name changes, and almost at one point faded into darkness. Then in the Spring of 2018, the game was announced to be coming to Japanese arcades and not only did it release to a huge welcoming by the fans, but it also helped usher in a brand new generation of dance game players thanks to its club-heavy soundtrack. Today, KONAMI made the announcement that it will be releasing the game’s twentieth extra stage song and the track is produced by up-and-coming trackmaker RiraN.

The extra stage system in DANCERUSH STARDOM is one of the more unique I have seen and experienced across all the rhythm games that I have played over the years. Mainly because thanks to the internet and Japan’s ridiculously high-speed fiber connections, KONAMI can push full updates to a machine in a matter of minutes. This has allowed them to release a new extra stage song every month or so.


The new extra stage will be available on all DANCERUSH STARDOM machines nationwide and all the machines that are currently active and playable at the Round1 locations throughout the United States starting on 17 February 2021 at 10 a.m. Japan Standard Time.

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