Huge Number of Licenses Being Removed from DANCERUSH STARDOM


KONAMI‘s DANCERUSH STARDOM series has been the home for many licensed tracks from a list of major gameplayers in the music industry, seeing tracks from the likes of Spinnin’ RecordsYG EntertainmentFARM RECORDS, and UNIVERSAL MUSIC. Today, they announced that almost all of the initial licensed tracks that were available on the game from the release of the title both in Japan and North America will be removed, because of the license period expiring.

I can’t say that I’m hugely surprised with the announcement of the songs being removed. This is something that has become fairly common with KONAMI and licensed tracks, and it happens in Jubeat and Sound Voltex on a constant basis. They have announced that twenty-five songs are being removed, but considering that most of the best songs are from up-and-coming talent that KONAMI has sourced directly for DANCERUSH STARDOM, I don’t think this is so big of a blow.

Dance Rush Stardom Removals

The twenty-five songs above will be removed from DANCERUSH STARDOM effective 15 March 2021, worldwide. I don’t really see this as a huge blow to the title as KONAMI is adding songs to the game at a breakneck pace, so the timeframe that you’ll be missing the songs is likely going to be slim to none and really, did you even play many of these songs regularly, anyway?

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