Konami Releases Alpha of Dance Dance Revolution V for PC

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In a move that I find really interesting, Konami has announced and released an alpha version of Dance Dance Revolution V for PC and even put out a browser-based version of the game. I can’t really stress enough how much of an alpha this is. The game is riddled with what looks like place-holder imagery, a settings menu that can’t be used, controls that can’t be changed, and all in all, a browser-game experience. This isn’t to say it’s bad though, Dance Dance Revolution V shows hope.

With the upcoming dance mat coming out for Dance Dance Revolution Ultimate Mobile, it only makes sense that there is going to be an alternate way to use the peripheral and it seems that Dance Dance Revolution V is going to be that alternative. Currently, the game can be played ONLY in a browser and there is no executable downloaded to your PC, however, the spec page for the game states that the game needs to be on Windows 7, 8, or 10, use DirectX 9 and have at least 40gb of free space. Clearly, as a browser game, this isn’t needed, so I’m going to be a betting man and say that the final release of Dance Dance Revolution V is going to be a fully downloadable game similar to their other Bemani titles Beatmania IIDX Infinitas and Sound Voltex III Gravity Wars e-Amusement Cloud Version.


What this means though is that if you have a browser which has HTML5 capability (they all do), you should have no problem playing the alpha version of Dance Dance Revolution V. Through our tests, we found that loads on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 without a tick, Chrome on Windows loads to a black screen, Chrome on Mac but with no sound, and Microsoft Edge on Mac without any issues.

There are a total of fifteen songs that you can play on the alpha build of Dance Dance Revolution V and those songs are:



Come To Life – ARM(IOSYS) feat. Nicole Curry

Hopeful – Rio Hiiragi featured by SOTAG

Neutrino – HuΣeR

Cosy Catastrophe – SYUNN

Love You More – BEMANI Sound Team “Sota F”

Drop The Bounce – Hommarju

District of the Shadows – DJ Noriken

Skywalking – Nhato

F4SH10N – aran

Our Soul – CaZ

BLSTR – Ujico*

Rampage Hero – DJ Shimamura


There is yet to be a release date for Dance Dance Revolution V as it just entered its alpha test today, but you can be sure that we’ll be getting a release of a fully playable home version of Dance Dance Revolution which is along the lines of the current arcade releases sometime in the near future.

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