Dean Fujioka Releases Latest “Maybe Tomorrow” Music Video Alongside Latest Album Release

Dean Fujioka Releases Latest

While Dean Fujioka might have made a name for himself globally with the release of his incredible “History Maker”, the infectious theme song to anime series Yuri!!! on ICE, his career has long spanned across the globe leading up to this moment. Today celebrated the release of Fujioka’s second studio album, “History In The Making”, and alongside it saw the release of his latest music video, “Maybe Tomorrow”. 

It really shows to Dean Fujioka has long celebrated an extremely global lifestyle; his first break as a talent being a slew of modeling gigs in Hong Kong all the way back in 2004 before jumping between several countries — picking up their respective languages along the way — for various fields of professional work before eventually returning to Japan. But amongst everything that Dean Fujioka is celebrated for achieving, there’s so much to be said about his incredible music work.

I remember my first time listening to “History Maker” back when it first started buzzing alongside Yuri!!! on ICE and immediately being blown away. This was a song that shone in every possible field, with dazzling instrumental work and such a powerful delivery, it took no time at all for me to be infatuated. Much to my surprise, this wasn’t an isolated opinion — a recent trip to Australia left me surprised when I heard the song playing in a domestic terminal.

With the release of “History In The Making”, and in particular “Maybe Tomorrow”, we see Dean Fujioka take a slight step back from the dazzle of “History Maker” (save the remade version History Maker 〜HITM Ver.〜” that opens the album), instead embracing a more downtempo pop sound to keep the album fresh. It’s very much a Dean Fujioka sound and has a whole lot to be celebrated, especially his incredibly smooth performance on the Mandarin version of “Let it snow!”. 

Available now both physically and digitally via most major platforms, it definitely is worth giving “History In The Making” a listen.

For those interested in checking out further information on Dean Fujioka, as well as his latest album, be sure to head over to his official website.

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