Death Note One-Shot Manga to Debut at Takeshi Obata Exhibition

Takeshi Obata Exhibition to Debut Brand New Death Note One-Shot Manga

The scale of success that Death Note has received ever since its release is more and more astounding the more you think about it. The fact that a brand new exhibit based on the Death Note manga is occurring a full 13 years after the conclusion of the manga is something that in and of itself should put some perspective into how much of a cultural success this story has been. In that time we’ve received an anime adaptation, live-action movies from both Japan and Hollywood, musicals and more, each reinterpreting the incredible story that creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata started serializing in Shonen Jump all the way back in 2003. As I mentioned just before, a brand new exhibit will be taking place for the manga this summer in Tokyo, alongside which a brand new one-shot manga linked to the Death Note series will be released.

This new exhibit will focus on the illustrative work of Takeshi Obata throughout his career. This will obviously include Death Note, but will also include his work on Bakuman and more from throughout his career. The first section, focusing on this work, will include manuscripts from iconic scenes and attempt to showcase his signature style and his approach to art. The illustration section of this exhibit will focus on art such as the covers of various mangas, collaborative illustrations and more. The third section, titled ‘Never Complete’ will focus on his approach for art going into the future.

Having just been announced in the most recent issue of Jump SQ, part of this exhibit will feature a brand new one-shot manga based on the Death Note property. This will focus on the Shinigami themselves rather than the story of Light and L that dominates the original manga. This alone probably makes the event worth attending, but just having the opportunity to see this creator’s art on full display like this would have been enough to make me want to visit this exhibit. In fact, I’ve already penciled it into my calendar so I don’t miss out.

This exhibit will take place at Arts Chiyoda 3331 from July 13th until August 12th. If you can’t make it to Tokyo to see the exhibit itself during this time period, however, don’t worry. The exhibit will also be touring, with the exhibit being displayed in Niigata from September until November and in Osaka at an unannounced date in Spring 2020. It should be worth a look regardless of your recognition with any of Obata’s, just for the quality of their art, and I for sure will be making the visit to see this brand-new one-shot and the rest of the exhibit as well.

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