DECO*27 Continues Vocaloid Excellence With Latest Video

DECO*27 Continues Vocaloid Excellence With Latest Video

DECO*27 has been a huge name in the Hatsune Miku game for a long, long time now. For over a decade, they’ve been steadily putting out music that appeals to the still rather large contingent of Vocaloid aficionados as well as gaining a fan-base separate from the Miku heads. All these years later, they still use Hatsune Miku a lot in their music which goes to show our twin-tailed green-haired software goddess was never just a fad. They dropped a new video for ‘Shinsekai Information Center’, also referred to as ‘The Guide’, which is a cut from their May 2019 album ‘Android Girl’ that like Miku herself proves DECO still has a lot of life left in them.

Known for incorporating lots of live instrumentation for music that is centered around a digital girl whose voice made of 1s and 0s, this DECO*27 cut sounds a little more DAW than being completely organic but there’s still a lot of lovely guitar work in here.  Mixed with a big drum beat and additional synth lines and padding for some color, the whole thing is very polished and competent. Not all musicians can keep making good material six albums in, especially one embracing a style that’s no longer in vogue, but I’m happy to say that Vocaloid fans won’t be disappointed.

For real, I’m not sure whether I should refer to this song as ‘Shinsekai Information Center’, which is the English translation of the Japanese title, ‘Shinsekai Annaisho’, said Japanese title, or ‘The Guide’ a secondary English title DECO*27 has given it on their website. Usually, song names are the first thing you think about when reporting on a new track or music video but ultimately what matters more than a title is the sound. In this case, it’s very good.

DECO*27’s Android Girl came out last May.

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