DEEMO Coming to Nintendo Switch in North America Early 2019

PM Studios and acttil just recently announced that DEEMO, initially released for smartphones and now ported to Nintendo Switch, is coming early 2019 with 250+ tracks! PM Studios and acttil are also excited to announce that DEEMO will be compatible with the Nintendo Labo Piano to expand the DEEMO gameplay experience. The feature will also come alongside the physical release made available to retailers.

For those new to DEEMO, it is a music rhythm game that centers around the mystifying relationship between DEEMO and a little girl. The game progresses as DEEMO plays and completes musical piano scores in order to help the little girl return back to her world. A brilliant collection of music styles and genres are available in both instrumental and vocal music formats. For those seeking an extra challenge, all playable songs feature a number of difficulty levels and customizable note speed.

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