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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba — What’s Going to Happen in Season 2?

It’s unsurprising to say that Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is very popular and grabbing the attention of anime fans everywhere. The 2019 anime adaptation was a runaway hit, introducing newcomers to the franchise, especially after it dropped on streaming services like Netflix much later. This led to massive sales of the manga being sold, to the point that bookstores had to constantly restock to meet demand. 

And we haven’t even talked about the absurd amount of money that Demon Slayer: Mugen Train made when the pandemic plagued cinema attendance and the film accounted for most of what Japanese films made in 2020. In addition to getting an Oscar-qualifying run and winning acclaimed awards from the Japan Academy, Mugen Train will also finally be released in the West this coming summer. 

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So, it’s not a surprise that Aniplex would announce a second season this past Valentine’s Day. After the groundbreaking success the franchise has enjoyed thus far, it’s only fair that ufotable finish what they started and adapt the rest of the manga now that it’s complete. 

Provided the film comes out this summer, a second season should arrive this fall with many questions to answer. The follow-up season takes place after the events of the first and the Demon Slayer: Mugen Train film. Specifically, it will cover the controversial Entertainment District Arc, which has drawn some questions about its content broadcast for children.

As we await its premiere, let’s explore the themes we expect to find in this second season and some of the questions it has provide answers for.

Tanjiro’s Growth and Development

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Tanjiro is still looking for a way to restore Nezuko’s humanity from her demonic form. Now that he’s an established member of the Demon Slayer Corps, he’ll use his role to hunt down the elusive progenitor of demons, Muzan Kibutsuji. In order to do this, he has to get stronger and his skills as a swordsman must be unmatched. 

The key to defeating Muzan is a special sword style passed down through his family called the Hinokami Kagura. Whereas the iconic Water Breathing technique (taught to him by Giyu Tomioka) mimics the fluid imagery of blue water, the Hinokami Kagura draws upon the image of sunlight to vanquish demons. It’s why Muzan was afraid of Tanjiro’s family and eradicated them before someone was able to learn it to kill him. This season should shed more light on this mysterious power and how Tanjiro can refine his skills like his father once did. 

During his fight with one of the villains from this arc, Tanjiro also displays his signature Demon Slayer Mark for the first time. Besides being a signifier of his strength, it’s also a cool forehead mark in the shape of a flame that distinguishes him from everyone else. From this point on, Tanjiro is going to get stronger and more determined to save his sister and protect his new friends.   

Nezuko’s Untold Potential

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Nezuko has had her fair share of screen time last season, but I’m hoping to see more from her in the next one. We still don’t know how exactly she has retained parts of her humanity, but supporting her brother and protecting the ones she loves will help her become stronger.

The second season should display more of the power potential Nezuko can draw from her demon side, but I’d imagine she would have to balance that fine line between her humanity and her carnal instincts. 

The Sound Hashira: Tengen Uzui

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Tengen Uzui will be quite the character. The guy has three wives he’s looking to rescue in this coming arc (who were looking into rumors of demons in the Entertainment District) as well as eight siblings back home. He and Tanjiro will make a great duo in their upcoming battle against the two antagonists. 

As the Sound Hashira, Tengen represents an elite core of demon slayers ranked highly within the Corps. They’re key players to defeating Muzan and his subordinates, and Tengen’s loud, eccentric personality makes him a formidable force.

His sword style is the Sound Breathing method, which mimics the loud action of sound to his advantage and increases them to fast movements. Paired with his great hearing, Tengen is able to read, predict, and break down his opponent’s movements before executing his actions through an amber color. 

The Antagonists: Daki and Gyutaro of the Twelve Kizuki

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So far, Tanjiro has battled the lower rank demons of Muzan’s hit squad: the Twelve Kizuki. Entering the battlefield this time are Daki and Gyutaro: two powerful demons from the Upper Ranks. They’re a brother-sister duo who act as one unit. Each has strong vices that express their terrifying power. 

Gyutaro is the older brother who resents those who have had a better, privileged life than him. Daki is the spoiled, bratty younger sister whose personality is easily influenced by those around her. Her prideful nature has led to her success as a courtesan and, due to her love of her brother, also believes in taking away things from people who have had a better life. 

Tanjiro, Tengen, Insouke, and Zenitsu will certainly have their hands full dealing with this troublesome duo in the upcoming second season. 

Demon Slayer Season Two Is Worth the Wait

At OTAQUEST, we have many great articles covering Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and the impact it has had since its release. We’re just as excited as you are to see the upcoming film and the second season. Hype is not necessarily a bad thing, and all good things will come to those who await an awesome sequel. 

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