Lawson, HMV Teaming up With Demon Slayer for Food Collaborations and Merchandise

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

You may be shocked to hear this, but Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is still incredibly popular, and as a result, Lawson and HMV Japan have launched a special collection of food and goods for fans to pick up.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s popularity has already resulted in numerous collaborations and merchandizing lines, and this is not even the first time the convenience store has teamed up with the popular franchise. Still, this new collaboration is more far-reaching than oranges, with a number of major brands doing Lawson-exclusive Demon Slayer variants of their products. Original goods will also be sold both in convenience stores and in the Lawson-owned HMV Japan.

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My personal favorite convenience store snacks will now be garnished with Demon Slayer packaging in Lawson convenience stars. Ghana chocolate will now also be available in a special collectible set including a random sticker, while Chiroru Choco, small chocolate bites available for cheap, will also have special packaging for its crunchy caramel chocolate, with 40 different packaging covers to collect. A special gift set featuring bottled green tea and special plates is also on offer, while cocoa will also be sold in special packaging. If it’s available, it’s probably got Demon Slayer packaging in Lawson.

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Winter-themed keychains and phone straps are also on offer. Whether in their iconic outfits or winter coats, three different sets of designs for 15 characters from the series are on sale. Also available: acrylic stands and kids shogi! A simplified version of Shogo aimed at younger audiences, now with Demon Slayer.

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Only available via HMV Japan, the items available here are more useful inside the home than on your bag or in your stomach. Drink coasters in random blind bags featuring 15 different possible designs will be sold through HMV and Books Online, as will smartphone stands and a special hand towel/handkerchief dual set. There’s a lot on offer here for any fans of this ever-popular series.

This Lawson and Demon Slayer collaboration can now be found in Lawson and HMV stores nationwide from today. If it’s anything like the scramble for previous merchandise and food collaborations, you’ll want to be quick before all of these items become hard-to-find. You can find more information on the collaboration website.

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