Demon Slayer x LOTTE Collaboration Goods Contest With Double Chance Prize

LOTTE X KIMETSU contest image

Starting on September 1st in conjunction with promoting the upcoming Demon Slayer movie releasing on October 16th in Japanese theatres nationwide, snack manufacturer LOTTE is doing a Demon Slayer x LOTTE  collaboration contest with the series in order to provide fans with some pretty neat goods.

The contest will take place from September 1st until the 30th people who have purchased Lotte’s chewing gum products can enter the campaign website and win original goods such as the “Demon Slayer” original gum server, “Demon Slayer” original bottle gum holder and “Demon Slayer” bamboo tube style gum case. Pretty cool goods if you ask me. Especially if you’re a fan of the series, but let’s be real here, who isn’t?

Lotte x Kimetsu Contest description

In order to enter, all you have to do is purchase one of LOTTE’s chewing gum products and follow the instructions on the packaging to enter. But for those who need to know now, here is how to participate:

Take a photo of your purchase receipt and fill out the required information on the application site to complete your entry.

For purchases made at the web shop, the receipt or delivery note will be used in place of the receipt

Sounds fairly simple to me. The main rule is that the gum has to be purchased within the contest window of September 1st until the 30th. There is actually a fairly high chance of winning something as well if you were to ask me. The prize breakdown is as follows;

Prize A: Demon Slayer Original Gum Server (100 Winners)

Prize B: Demon Slayer original bottle gum holder & Nezuko’s bamboo tube style gum case (200 Winners)

Prize C: Demon Slayer Original Clear File Set (5 pieces) (10,000 Winners)

But if you don’t win one of these prizes, fret not, as there is a double chance as all entries that did not get selected to win prizes A through C will have the opportunity to win one of “Nezuko’s Sweets Box” as a prize. These will be limited to 1,000 winners.

With the Demon Slayer movie coming out on October 16th, I think that this is a very fitting promotion and will certainly help promote the movie. As if it really needed any more promotion to begin with.

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